START SMIDA – Apuseni Natural Park

(Smida Trail, Adventure Run in Transylvania)


Atletic Cluj Sports Club organizes the event Smida Trail, Adventure Run in Transylvania, hereinafter referred to as START. START is a mountain running competition that takes place in Apuseni Natural Park, Transylvania. Its goal is to support a healthy and active lifestyle of all people through the perfect blend of sports, culture and fun. Thus, the Atletic Cluj Sports Club aims to combine the outdoor movement with the participation in SMIDA JAZZ FESTIVAL, contributing by means of this event to the concept of “Sport & Fun”.


August 17th, 2019. Smida Settlement (Apuseni Natural Park), Beliş Village, Cluj County, Romania.
Start: Smida Settlement, 11 o’clock.
Arrival: Smida Settlement.


Footraces for adults and families. All starts will take place on Saturday, August 17th, 2019. The races are open to all guests, respecting the criteria and conditions imposed by the organizer. All age categories will have the same start. The ranking will be done by age group.

Smida Trail Run – 26 kmcheck the route map

Adventure Run – 11 kmcheck the route map

PlantExtrakt Kids Run – 1,5 kmcheck the route map

The child must run along with a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian will sign the statement on his/her own responsibility on behalf of the child and pick up the contest kit. Children who complete the route by themselves are disqualified. All age categories will have the same start. The ranking will be done by age group (see information and regulation).

Parents or legal guardians will sign a statement on their own responsibility as to the quality of parent or legal guardian and on the fact that the child has a physical and mental state of health that allows him/her to participate in the contest.


START / ARRIVAL place: Smida Settlement

Smida Trail Run – 26 km 11:00
Adventure Run – 11 km 11:00
PlantExtrakt Kids Run – 1,5 km 15:00


Smida Trail Run – 26 km 200
Adventure Run – 11 km  300
PlantExtrakt Kids Run – 1,5 km 200

* These figures may be subject to changes, which will be announced online in the newsletter and social networks.


Each competitor must meet the conditions below to participate in the contest and receive the competition kit:

  1. To have at least 16 years of age on the day of the run. Competitors under the age of 18 must have the written consent of a parent or legal guardian and medical certificate certifying the physical capacity of the minor to participate in the run.
  2. To pay the participation fee to the contest and to prove the payment of the registration fee.
  3. To submit an ID for verification both when picking up the kit and in the awarding ceremony. For children, a copy of the birth certificate is required both for the kit and for the awarding ceremony.
  4. To take responsibility for his/her participation in the run by signing a statement on his/her own responsibility. The organizer is not responsible for any accident or damage that the competitor might encounter during the competition.
  5. Children of at least 3 years old and up to 13 years of age, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, may attend the PlantExtrakt Kids Run.
  6. The organizers will remove from the contest, without reimbursement of the amounts paid, any person who does not meet the conditions of participation and / or the rules.


  • Access at SMIDA JAZZ FESTIVAL on the competition day (Saturday, 17th of August 2017).
    Children up to the age of 14 can enter the festival for free. The wife/husband and children who have over 14 years of competitors can purchase a ticket for the day of the competition or subscription for all 3 days of the festival. The ticket price is 50 lei / person for the show on August 18th, 2018. The subscription price for all 3 days of the festival is 99 lei / person. If you want to buy tickets or subscriptions, please contact us by e-mail.
  • START – 2019 Official T-shirt;
  • Competition number;
  • Disposable timing chip (BIB);
  • Revitalisation and refreshment points;
  • Nutrition products;
  • Gulaș Energy – given by Livada – Restaurant & Music Lounge.
  • Storage place for the personal assets;
  • Dressing room tent;
  • Finish medals;
  • Result and place in the ranking after the end of the competition;
  • Route on the paths of the Natural Park of Apuseni;
  • Medical assistance;

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Event Location

Smida Settlement (Apuseni Natural Park), Beliș Village, Cluj County, Romania