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Atletic Sports Club of Cluj was founded in 2013 and is coordinated by PhDs Mihaela Botezan, national record athlet at 10,000 m, marathon player, participant in world and European championships, and at in the Athens 2004 Olympics


  • We want to contribute to the creation of a Romania in which the running and the sport will transform people, helping them to overcome their physical, mental and emotional boundaries in order to contribute to their own improvement and the fulfilment of the community objectives of each side.
  • We promote a healthy and active lifestyle through individual modelling and the discovery of new talents in sports.
  • We also promote Transylvanian values ​​in the country.


  • Supporting and preparing children for sports;
  • Selection and training of athletes with skills for sports performance;
  • Participation in sports competitions;
  • Organization of sports events / demonstrations;
  • Initiating and / or supporting educational programs on topics related to sports, nutrition, health, etc.;
  • Initiating and / or supporting international cultural, educational, professional exchange programs on issues related to sports, nutrition, health, etc .;
  • Organizing thematic camps, theoretical and practical courses;
  • Co-opting people interested in volunteering;
  • Promoting fair play for the prevention of any violent manifestations;
  • Supporting humanitarian causes in the social, education, art, environment fields.

These goals are achieved by means of the passion for sport, team spirit, respect for others and for nature, in an absolute fair-play spirit.

At present, 40 children are trained under the close supervision of PhDs Botezan Mihaela. There were organized:

  1. The joy cross of 2014;
  2. Two editions “Come to play on your birthday” 2016, 2017;
  3. The Semi-marathon National Championship 2015;
  4. Two editions “Survival challenge run” 2016, 2017 (Someseni, military polygon);
  5. “Run with Santa Claus” Cross

Results obtained

  • Two (2) medals at the National Children’s Championship Bucharest:
    2016 3rd place – 300 m Boys;
    2017 2nd place – 300 m Boys;
  • Five (5) medals at the Cluj International Marathon with Ladies’ Relay:
    3 1st place – 2016, 2014, 2013;
    2 2nd place – 2017, 2015;
  • 3rd Place in Vienna Marathon with female relay – 2017

C.S. Atletic Cluj (Atletic Sports Club of Cluj)
176 Ṣesul de sus Street, Floresti, Cluj County, Romania
Sole Registration Code/tax Registration Code: 31506866
Account (IBAN):  RO66BTRL RONC RT02 0968 8801
Bank: Banca Transilvania, Cluj County, Romania